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The Heli-Hack heli fleet: Align Trex 450 copy, HoneyBee Fixed Pitch V1, HK250GT, Blade mCPX

A growing resource for information on stock rc helicopters and planes, and how to modify them.

The site is a regularly updated record of the information that is gleaned from the rc heli forums and from our own hard won experience.

There are no guarantees but we hope what worked for us might work for you too, and if it doesn't let us know, we'll feature your feedback.

We love aeroplanes too so there's a section for them. If you're into scratch build, foam board models then you'll recognise what's going on.

The site is organised first by model and then by the mods we've done to each type. If you're looking for information on a particular mod rather than a model you can use the search box to pull up all the articles featuring your keywords.

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