HoneyBee V.1 Fixed Pitch


HoneyBee Fixed pitch V1
This is the main research area at Heli Hack Hangar. It's an old, very simple but rugged electric helicopter powered by a 370 size brushed main motor and a 1220FE33-10L brushed tail motor. It's a derivative of the original line of electric tail rotor motor (ETRM) helis which brought the hobby down in complexity and cost. Dave Herbert ( Nightflyyer YouTube Channel) was involved with the development of the field and has excellent YouTube videos on the subject.

I've been flying the HBFP ever since I graduated from co-ax. It was my first single rotor heli and boy was it a handful to begin with but thanks to its toughness, low rotor RPM and cheap spares we both made it through the experience and I am much wiser as a result.. even if the furniture still bears the scars. See below for the mods on this airframe.....

There are much better helis out there to learn on now, the Blade MSR for example is extremely easy to fly and very very tough but the HBFP still fascinates me with it's big, wide chord blades spinning not that much faster than a full size heli. It still has a lot to teach in terms of anticipating control movements and tail control.