mCPX BLHeli settings


Here are the settings I'm experimenting with at the moment:


BLHeli settings for mCPX, governed at 5000RPM


The aim of this particular setup is to find the best settings for 3D flying hence the high RPM. Higher RPM means snappier cyclic response and a little more energy in the rotor system when entering a flip or roll i.e. more RPM at the end of the maneouvre hopefully.

I've set the governor through the software rather than via the TX or when arming the ESC so that I can be certain what the ESC is doing. I'm experimenting with the governor to see whether there is any benefit with my setup. At the moment I don't think there is as my motor isn't powerful enough to maintain the high (5000) RPM at anything other than small pitch settings.

On the other hand it means that the cyclic response will feel the same while doing gentle maneouvring which is a good thing.

Watch out though... with the governor mode active the low voltage cut out is very dramatic, there's no 50% reduction in power.. it just cuts you off dead. If you're very good at autorotations then that will be a bit of fun for you but for me it means the heli falling out of the sky!


If you're looking for a more relaxed bit of flying I've found that 4000RPM produces a decent length of flight and a fairly constant head speed without a particularly aggressive feel to the cyclic:

BLHeli settings for mCPX, governed at 4000RPM