Re-flashing mCPX double ESC with BLHeli firmware



A quick how-to on updating the Origin/HobbyKing double brushless ESC to the latest BLHeli firmware using BLHeli Setup software.

BLHeli Setup software for windows 


The BLHeli setup software is the easiest way to reflash ESCs but it requires Windows, if you're a Linux user don't despair.. there are several methods but they aren't as integrated as this awesome all-in-one utility. If you don't use windows read the thread below in step 1. for more information.


1. Read all about it, how to use the BLHeli firmware for the mCPX and SiLabs controllers via this thread on Helifreak:  

or download it directly from here:

There is also a thread on RCGroups which deals with the 32bit version for use on ARM based chips and is much more modern and powerful here: RCGroups:

2. Connect your toolstick (I use this one: to the ESC

Connect toolstick to ESC


3. Connect the toolstick to a USB port on your PC

Then connect toolstick to USB port in computer


4. Launch BLHeli Setup (it downloads the latest firmware version automatically for you )

5. Finally, connect a battery to the ESC.

6. If you want to save your current ESC settings, click "read settings" and save them as an .ini file

7. Press "Connect"

8. Press "Flash BLHeli" and in a second or so you'll get a confirmation message that all has gone as planned.

9. Choose your settings from the slider menus and press "Write Setup" to load that configuration into the ESC.

10. Click "Disconnect", remove the battery from the ESC, unplug the ESC from the toolstick.

11. Enjoy the awesome configurability of this tremendous piece of work.


For a list of the compatible ESCs (must have a SiLabs MCU for the later versions of the firmware) go here:

The thread that started it all, written by the software creator is here: