brushless conversion

Brushless main motor with brushed tail - conversion notes

Hobby King 10A ESC
weight: 9.6g
LVC pre-set to 3V per cell but don't trust it. Heli has to stop flying before this point is reached anyway:

Revo Mixing


Revo mix takes a percentage of the pitch output and feeds it into the rudder output.

In control system terms, this is a feed forward input which increases the anti-torque force of the tail rotor as the torque from the main rotor increases as you pull more pitch on the blades.

Brushless motor "poles" and how to count them


A motor's top speed (RPM) is determined by several things but one that is useful to be able to discover is the number of poles. Normally we don't need to worry about this as the KV value gives a pretty good idea of what the motor will do in terms of revolutions per minute per volt (RPM/V). Sometimes however it's useful to know.. like when setting up governed head speeds in BLHelisuite which I use on the BL mCPX.

HBFP Brushless main motor


Substituting a modern brushless motor for the original brushed one should be fairly straight forward. Depending on your exact model you may not even have to change your 4-in-1.

There's a great hack for the E-Sky HoneyBee which just requires opening the 4-in-1 and tapping the main throttle output from the receiver before it goes into the speed controller. Here's one link showing the procedure: E Sky 4-in-1 brushless mod