ESC Timing - what it is and how to choose it


Some ESCs will allow you to choose the "timing" often low, med, high. This is very like the timing of the ignition in a car and sets the number of degrees of "advance". The stator windings need to reach peak magnetic field strength at the correct time relative to the position of the rotor. This correct position varies with many things but the size of the motor tends to be the one we can most easily see.

How-To's, Tips & Terminology


HP03S with rotor removed

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Pinion Modulus explained


Matching the modulus of your pinion ( the gear on your motor ) to the helicopter main gear is vital to achieve efficient transfer of power and minimum wear on the gears.

But what is modulus and if you don't know what it is for a random pinion you found in the back of a drawer, how do you measure it?