HBFP Brushless main motor


Substituting a modern brushless motor for the original brushed one should be fairly straight forward. Depending on your exact model you may not even have to change your 4-in-1.

There's a great hack for the E-Sky HoneyBee which just requires opening the 4-in-1 and tapping the main throttle output from the receiver before it goes into the speed controller. Here's one link showing the procedure: E Sky 4-in-1 brushless mod

For the Walkera #4 and the E-Flite Sabre things are not nearly so straight forward. The 4-in1 is much more integrated and it's very hard to find the main throttle signal as it crosses boards. I'm not even sure the signal is usable as input to a brushless ESC even if it could be found. The solution we went with was a full separates setup. I agree that's a bit of over kill for this old heli but in the interests of science here is how it went.



Parts List: